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Casement, Sliding & Louver Windows

We supply & install a broad range of windows, such as Casement (Swing) Windows, Sliding Windows, Aluminium Lattice Windows, Adjustable Louver (louvre) & Top Hung Windows to suit your home and premises.

Our windows can be made using Normal Standard Glass, Double Glazed Glass, Lattice Glass, Wired Glass and so on.

Our glass colour include: clear (standard), blue, green, tea, dark grey, light grey & (non-see through) frosted glasses

For the window (aluminium) frame, we have many colours to offer, including bronze & silver anodized colour, white & black powder coated and so on

Your windows will be installed by our trained & certified window installers with many years of experience.

For Sound Proof Windows, please visit our Double Glazed Windows & Doors Page.

Casement (Swing) Windows

Casement windows are swinging/ push out window panels that are supported to the window frame by fraction stay (window arms) at the top & bottom.

As required by HDB and as a safety feature, we use stainless steel rivets & screws for all our windows.

Casement windows allow you to open the window fully; no other windows can open as far as casement windows. When fully opened, casement windows allow almost full view of the surrounding. They also provide better ventilation by allowing more air and more sunlight into your room.

Casement windows are also easy to use, and they can also be installed on single panel window unit where is not enough space for window to slide.

Casement Windows with White Coated Frames

Casement Windows with Wrought Iron Grilles

Casement Windows in Round Balcony

Casement Windows with Top Hung Panels

Heavy Duty Casement Windows

Heavy Duty Casement Windows

White Lattice Windows

White Lattice Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are window panels that can be opened by sliding horizontally (left & right). As they are operated by slide track & rollers, sliding windows are easy to use and the glass panels can be pushed & pulled effortlessly & smoothly.

Sliding windows are also convenient as they helps to save space. Sometimes you may not have enough space outside your window for push-out casement windows.

For example, many HDB service yard has hanging racks blocking outside the windows, therefore not suitable to install casement windows. Homeowners will choose to install sliding windows in this case.

Sliding Windows with Aluminium Grilles

Balcony Sliding Windows and Railings

Sliding Windows with Black Coated Frames

Sliding Windows with Black Coated Frames

Heavy Duty Sliding Windows

Heavy Duty Sliding Windows

Adjustable Louvers (Louvre) and Top Hung Windows

Adjustable louver window consists of horizontal glass panels (or blades) held together by u-channels, and you can adjust them open or close by using the lever ledge.

Louver windows are great for ventilation as the angle, how much the glass panels open, can be adjusted. This is especially useful if your window is facing the weather. When it rains, you can adjust the panels to let fresh air in while still blocking the rain water.

Aluminium slat panels can be used instead of glass panels (or a mix of both aluminium slat & glass panels) and you get ‘privacy’ window. This is popular for HDB corridor windows where you do not want people to look through and yet you want to let light or fresh air into your room.

Adjustable Louver

Top Hung Window

Windows with Top Hung Panels

If you have any enquiry or if you want to see more designs, please call or email us.