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Wrought Iron Metal Window Grilles

Our Window Grilles are made from high quality wrought iron. We offer an extensive range of unique designs. They are all attractive and they can provide effective security as well.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Window Grilles:

1. Wrought iron is strong & durable. It prevents people from breaking into your house, especially if you are staying in a HDB flat unit and your window is facing the corridor, or you are staying in a landed house, you will want security to all the windows on the ground floor.

2. Wrought iron grilles also give protection & security when the windows are fully opened, and they prevent small children from accessing the windows. This is important especially if you are staying in higher floors.

3. Our wrought iron window grilles also come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple modern design to complicated artistic design, to suit your needs.

Wrought Iron Grilles, Rose Garden Design

Wrought Iron Grilles, Mosque Design

Wrought Iron Grilles, Stylo Design

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Wrought Iron Window Grills (Flora)

Embrace your home with the beauty of mother nature. These beautiful colorful window grills will bring peace and warmth to your home sweet home.

PG 1124B

PG 30002

PG 30009

PG 30028

PG 30040

PG 30051

PG 30097

PG 30098

PG 30114

Wrought Iron Window Grills (Marine)

Seeing is believing. Having an aquarium on your window will grab everyone’s attention. Also, as most Chinese believe, fishes can bring good luck and fortune.

PG 1126P

PG 30019

PG 30020

PG 30021

PG 30053B

PG 30055

PG 30060

PG 30078

Wrought Iron Window Grills (Majestic)

As the saying goes, ‘A man’s home is his castle’. What better way to make your home more impressive with these latest classic grills with modern look.

PG 1115A

PG 1141

PG 1159

PG 30003B

PG 30026

PG 30034

PG 30039

PG 30041

PG 30061

Wrought Iron Window Grills (Stylo)

Make your home stylish with these latest work of art. These dream-makers have an ‘artist-touch’ in them, and they are specially designed to look unique and attractive.

PG 1137

PG 30007

PG 30008

PG 30064

PG 30074

PG 30087A

PG 30089

PG 30109

PG 30111

If you have any enquiry or if you want to see more designs, please call or email us.