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Sliding, Folding & Swing Glass Doors

We have a broad range of Glass Doors, such as Sliding Doors, Foldable (Bi-Folding) Doors & Swing Open Doors to suit your home and premises.

Our glass doors can be made using Normal Standard Glass, Double Glazed Glass, Tempered Glass and so on.

Our glass colour include: clear (standard), blue, green, tea, dark Grey & light Grey. And effects such as frosted glass.

Pang Giap’s Glass Doors are Durable

We use heavy duty aluminium frames and profiles for all our glass doors, therefore they are very durable & smooth to use. The frame is approximately 3½ inch thick and strong. Therefore they are suitable for frequent usage.

If you want thinner frame doors, yet very strong & secured, please take a look at our mild steel slim glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors are very popular in Singapore because of they help to save space. The doors operate simply by sliding all the way to one side or to other end, and no need to swing open, therefore no extra space is required. This is especially useful if you have small room or limited space.

Sliding Doors also have larger glass panels. Therefore they allow wider and better view of your outside, balcony, kitchen or garden etc. Having larger glass panels also mean more lights & sunlight coming into your room. This means you may not need to turn on your light during the day, and therefore saves electric bill. Having larger panels also create seamless flow between your house & outside/ other room, people can move in & out easier, you can move things in & out of your room with more convenience.

Sliding Doors with White Coated Frames

Sliding Doors with White Coated Frames

Aluminium Grille Door with Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Doors with Black Powder Coated Frames

Folding (Bi-Folding/ Foldable) Glass Doors

Our folding doors use overhead roller system therefore they do not need to have bottom track.

This is very useful and safety as it prevents people from tripping over, especially young kids. Also looks nicer as you do not have tracks protruding out on your floor.

Foldable doors are very popular because of their flexibility & convenient to use. You can have great control to how much of the door width you want to open or just simply fold the panels all the way to the end. By folding all the panels, you get to enjoy the benefit of a fully opened space and a great view, without any door panels blocking the way.

Foldable doors are also very useful, especially in Singapore where rooms are small and space is limited. Sometimes we do not have enough space for swing doors or sliding doors. That’s where folding doors can in useful as they do not take up much space. When fully opened, the panels are stacked to one end of the wall.

Folding Doors with Frosted Glass & Bronze Colour Frame

Folding Doors with Frosted Glass & Bronze Colour Frame

Folding Doors with Clear Glass

Folding Doors with Green Glass

Folding Doors for Partition Room

Folding Doors for Partition Room

Swing Glass Door

Traditional glass swing doors are very popular as they are easy to use. Besides using heavy duty aluminium frame & profiles for our swing doors, we also use stainless steel hinges to ensure that your door will be very durable for frequent & long term usage.

Balcony Swing Doors

Balcony Swing Doors

Swing Door

Swing Doors

Lattice Glass Door

Lattice glass doors are unique and beautiful in appearance due to the multiple frames separating the glass from one another. We offer both aluminium and iron lattice designs. They make your house look more stylish and classier.

Aluminium Lattice Swing Door

Aluminium Lattice Swing Door

Iron Lattice Swing Door

General Benefits of Glass Doors

1) Allowing lights to pass through

One great advantage of swinging, foldable and sliding glass doors is that they all allow light to enter the room, which helps the room to look brighter and more attractive.

If your room is facing outdoor, for example the balcony, during the daytime the glass doors will allow the natural sunlight to enter your room, bringing warmth and liveliness.

2) Clear View

Glass doors allow you to see outside. If you have glass doors at your balcony, you can enjoy the scenery and surrounding view all year round.

For indoor glass doors or glass partitions, they allow you to create ‘seamless flow’ appearance between rooms, rather than being blocked by the walls.

If you are a parent, glass doors offer unrestricted view which enable you to watch after your children even when you are in the other room.

3) Making the room look bigger

Glass doors can make your rooms look bigger. Especially if the glass of your door is see-though/ transparent type, they create optical illusion as though your room space has become bigger. This is very useful when the size of your rooms is small or has limited space.

Glass doors also come in swinging, sliding and folding types, which allows you to open up wider spaces between rooms, rather than being restricted by the walls.

4) Appearance

Many architects and home designers in Singapore love glass doors because they make homes look more modern and beautiful.

From the reflection of the glass finishing & clean appearance of the glass panels, to the flow of lights across rooms, and the advantage of outside view, glass doors improve the elegant aesthetics & appeal of your house.

If you have any enquiry or if you want to see more designs, please call or email us.