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Wrought Iron Swinging, Sliding & Folding Door Gates

Our Wrought Iron Swing, Sliding & Foldable Gates are stylish, unique and yet very strong & durable to suit all homes and all premises.

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Swing Door Gates

Swing Door Gates have traditional & warm welcoming appearance. They are long lasting, simple & easy to use. You only need to have enough space on the perpendicular wall for the swing gate to open & rest. Whereas for sliding gates, you need to have enough space on the side wall for the sliding gates to slide back.

Wrought Iron Gate Majestic Design

Wrought Iron Gate Woody Design

Wrought Iron Gate Floral Design

Iron Plate Swing Door

Iron Plate Swing Door

Wrought Iron Swing Gate Stylo Design

Sliding Door Gates

Sliding Door Gates are aesthetic & modern looking in appearance. They are also space-saving & convenient because they do not take up space in front or behind the gate when they are opened, they are made to slide open along limited space. Furniture can be placed nearer to the sliding door without getting hit. This is very convenient especially when you do not have enough space in your room to do standard swing open doors.

Sliding Gate Panels are often bigger, therefore they allow wider opening space & bigger traffic flow, you can move furnitures & things in & out of the room easier.

Wrought Iron Gate Marine Design

Wrought Iron Sliding Gate Majestic Design

Wrought Iron Sliding Gate Floral Design

Wrought Iron Sliding Gate Majestic Design

Slim Grille Sliding Gates

Slim Grille Sliding Gates

Folding (Foldable) Door Gates

Nowadays, Folding Door Gates are very popular in Singapore because space is limited and folding gates offer the best space saving solution.

In folding gates, the gate panels will fold & stack all the way to one end or both ends of the entrance, therefore they take up little space when they are full opened, while allowing your door entrance to open up completely, to have a full view of the outside.

Your room will look less restricted, people can move in & out of the house easier. Folding gates are also flexible & convenient to use, you can set how many gate panels you want to open, while locking the rest of the panels.

Wrought Iron Folding Gate Stylo Design

Wrought Iron Folding Gate Stylo Design

Wrought Iron Folding Gate Majestic Design

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