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Sound Proof Acoustic Double Glazed Windows & Doors

Pang Giap's Double Glazing Soundproof Windows and Doors are built to block out most of the unwanted sound from outside environment, Highly Effective in Sound Proofing/ Sound Insulation.

Our Double Glazed Glass consists of two panes of glass separated by a layer of air space in its 16mm thick structure. This air space is filled with heavy inert gas, which serves as a special sound absorbing chamber, therefore helping to reduce the transfer of sound from the outside environment to inside the room.

Having soundproof glass without a soundproof framework is insufficient, therefore Pang Giap also use Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame filled with Sound Insulation Fibers, which acts as extra sound barrier.

Why Choose Pang Giap's Soundproof Acoustic Windows & Doors:

  1. Suitable to install for all HDB, condo, houses, offices, commercial & industrial use.
  2. Specialized window system consist of 16mm thick double glazed glass with heavy duty frame & profiles.
  3. Block out most noise from heavy traffic, corridor, MRT etc.
  4. Pang Giap Enterprise has many years of experience installing all types of windows with our registered & trained window installers.

Double Glazed Windows with Tinted Glass

Soundproof windows to block construction noise

Soundproof windows to block MRT & traffic noise

Heavy duty framework strengthen soundproofing

Soundproof windows can be made swing outwards or inwards

Sounproof windows with existing windows

Soundproof windows can also be installed internally

Double Glazed Soundproof Doors

Double Glazed Soundproof Doors

Double Glazed Lattice Doors

Double Glazed Lattice Doors

Music Room Soundproof Door

Single Panel Soundproof Doors

Double glazed glass prevents most noise from travelling into the room

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